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Wellness Programs we offer:

  • Gym Membership

  • Aquatics Membership

  • Combination Gym and Aquatics Membership


Realhab, Inc. in Parrish, Florida offers unique Wellness Programs that includes an orientation with a member of our staff, as well as a membership of your choice. Your program will be centered around your goals.


Whether you’re hoping to get back to golfing or tennis, or just looking for an orientation on your physical health, we’ll be happy to meet with you.

  • Assessment of medical deficiencies in order to achieve all needs and goals

  • Exercise plan based on your personal needs and goals

  • Access to our top of the line gym equipment 

  • Access to our pool and Aquatics classes


State-of-the-Art Gym

Realhab, Inc. in Parrish, Florida features a 7,000-square-foot workout facility where you can get the most out of your overall exercise experience.  The gym has a variety of cardio equipment (treadmills, bicycles, ellipticals, rowers, etc), as well as plate-loaded machines and dumbbells.  Exercise is an essential part of Health and Wellness; with continued individual focus on range of motion, strength, and endurance you can maintain an improved quality of life.

Aquatics Area

Realhab, Inc. offers a top of the line pool facility for lap swimming during designated times of the day and Aquatic fitness classes.    

Aquatic fitness classes offered are as follows:

  • Water Aerobics      

  • Aqua Fusion

  • Happy Hinges

  • Aqua Zumba

  • Aqua Pole

The membership fee for use of the gym only is $30 per month. 

The membership fee for use of the pool for lap swimming only is $30 per month.

The membership fee for use of the pool for Aquatics classes only is $50 per month. 

The membership fee for use of the pool for lap swimming and Aquatics classes is $70 per month.

The inclusive All Access membership for use of the gym and pool is $80.

(Aqua Pole is an additional fee with and without a membership). 

We also have a special fitness program called Silver & Fit.


Membership fees vary.  See staff member for additional details.

Gift cards for Realhab, Inc. services are available Year Round.

Please see our front desk staff if interested!  


As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times we hear from our patients about how the therapists and staff at Realhab, Inc. have helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words.

I was very pleased with my entire experience with Realhab. Thanks to Gayle Reed and her entire staff. They all answered my questions knowledgeably and thoroughly and provided the needed motivation to reach my goals. I would highly recommend Realhab to anyone needing physical therapy.
- Carol O.

This has been an outstanding experience in every way. So much so that I am planning to join the gym now that my physical therapy program has been completed.
- Sheila P.

The staff was very attentive to all of my needs. The employees are caring, knowledgeable, well trained, polite, and respectable. Very friendly atmosphere, immaculate and tidy facility.
- Patricia L.

Very professional yet friendly. The treatment was wonderful and worked! I was even given written directions on proper procedures to use at home.
- William C.

After discovering I had a herniated disk, C 6-7, I was referred by my neurosurgeon specifically to Realhab. I couldn’t be happier with the results! After 3 months of treatment, my pain and range of motion is completely normal. I particularly want to thank Gayle, Jeffrey, Jamie, Josh, Ares, Emi, TJ, and Alex for all their hard work in getting me back to full strength. The new facility is beautiful, equipment is state-of-the-art, staff is friendly and helpful-it feels like family! I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

- Mary Beth H.

Wonderful facility with lots of options in equipment. Kind and supportive staff are always there to assist if you have any questions or need instruction on how to properly use equipment. 

- Dawn K.

I walked into Realhab a year ago and my life changed forever. I was wearing oxygen 24 hours a day and could not walk up a flight of stairs. One of my pulmonologists had even told me to start getting "my affairs in order" because my respiratory issues were so bad. Additionally, I had a complete tear of my left rotator cuff and could not use my left arm. Gayle created a program and by working with her and the staff and lots of encouragement, my breathing started improving and was able to have the much needed surgery. Because of Gayle and her staff at Realhab I am no longer using oxygen and have total use of my left arm. They will forever be my family and miss them terribly.

- Shirley R.

The people that work at Realhab are professional and very nice. Gale has a dedicated staff that know what they are doing, and have the right answer when you ask them. Overall experience is outstanding, would recommend very highly.  Thank you Realhab.

- Lance B.

I highly recommend Realhab!!!! After 8 weeks of therapy, my shoulder feels like new! Thank you Gayle and your friendly, supportive staff! 

- Lyn J.

The entire staff is strong, capable, and caring. It is a really good feeling to know you are there to help us heal with out prescription of medications!
- Lois F.

I would grade Realhab above Excellent! And the most professional place I have been to. Thank you all for the great experience and care.
- David A

Services are provided in a professional and caring manner. Everyone treated me with respect. Thank you for all you have done.
- Earl R.

I had a very good experience. I felt like the staff really cared about my progress. I would highly recommend Realhab to anyone.
- Nancy S.

I am very satisfied with the physical therapy that I received and how thoughtful and professional the whole staff was.

- Norman E.

In all my 72 years this has to be the best physical therapy rehab facility I have ever been to.

- Raymond M.

Staff is Amazing. They take pride in their work. The facility and equipment are well maintained. Staff preps before I arrive; the equipment is in place for my shoulder therapy. Staff is attentive always checks where my pain is before every session so they can focus the therapy. My overall experience is outstanding, would recommend them very highly.

- Sal. S.

Each staff member I have worked with has my best interest at heart! They are continually asking my pain tolerance with each activity and making sure I do each exercise correctly. They truly CARE about my rehabilitation!!

- Mike D.

After a pretty severe ankle sprain earlier this year suffered during a run , I worked with Gayle and her crew at Realhab. They not only helped me regain my strength in my ankle and got me pain-free and ready to run again, I was treated with so much care that I felt like family. Even when I was undergoing therapy, they warmly welcomed my wife and baby daughter when they came with me for my sessions. Big thanks to them for being so generous and attentive to my recovery! Hopefully I don't get injured again, but if so I'd come back in a heartbeat.

- Jeremy H.

During the past 12 years I have had surgeries on shoulder, knee and back and following each have rehabed here (Realhab) First class all the way.........owners, staff and equipment. 

- Karen G.

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